Giovanni Arlati left us

Giovanni Arlati passed away after a few days of sufferance at the age of 67. Veterinary, as manager at the Regione Lombardia he was among the first who, in the eighties, understood the importance of the Acipenser naccarii sturgeon stock maintained at the Giovannini's fish farm and was one of the main actors who supported the project ended with the successful controlled reproduction of this species without the sacrifice of the parents in 1988. Since then, fingerlings of this species were available for all the restocking actions, most of them supported by the Regione Lombardia. After about 30 years, the success of those releases is now evident. If the Adriatic sturgeons are now reappearing in Italian waters, it is also thanks to Giovanni's intuition and work. In 1997 he co-organized the ISS3 in Piacenza, Italy.